My CR-1 Visa Timeline: How Long Does It Take to Get a Green Card?

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Green card processing times vary. There are two ways to get an estimate of these.  First, look up processing times for petitions at the USCIS website.  Second, refer to the timelines shared by other people who have applied for the same type of visa as you (or your beneficiary), whether CR-1 / IR-1 visa, K-1 visa or K-3 visa, etc.

Green Card Processing Times: My CR-1 Visa Timeline

Here is a general timeline of my immigrant spouse visa application.  Bear in mind that we initiated our petition in the year 2008.  When looking up green card processing times and timelines, look for the most recent dates.  Also consider that the country you are applying from may also affect processing time.

My Green Card/ CR-1 Visa imeline

1 month:

Submitted I-130 Petition for Alien Relative to USCIS

4 1/2 months later:

Received I-130 approval

5 1/2 months later:

Submitted immigrant spouse visa application to NVC

6 months later:

Received a request for evidence

Less than 7 months later:

Case completed

8 months later:

Had spouse visa interview at the U.S. embassy

9 months later:

Green card in hand

Less than 2 years after becoming a resident

Applied for removal of conditions

About 6-7 months later

Conditions lifted

It’s helpful to know the approximate time that your visa or green card application may take.  It makes the wait easier to bear, and it helps you better prepare for travel to the U.S. when you know how much time you have.  If you are the petitioner, well, it helps you square away things too.  That doesn’t mean you should plan too far ahead though.  Never buy a plane ticket until your visa is issued!

I also have a spouse visa checklist all the way up to removal of conditions on my green card.


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