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My Spouse Visa Checklist

Here is a summary of documents we submitted at various stages of my green card journey.  Although I discuss each part in detail in individual posts, I thought it might be convenient to have the checklists all in one place.

I know this spouse visa checklist shows a lot of paperwork.  But the latter part (removal of conditions) was comparatively simpler than the earlier part.  It gets easier as one goes along, I guess, provided one’s marriage is normal, bona fide and there are no special legal issues concerning anyone involved.

Please do what is best for your situation.  Use the evidence required of you according to your status and situation.  Everyone’s case is different. You can also read my summary of how I got a green card through marriage.

File I-130 Petition at Designed USCIS Address

(Note: We didn’t do Direct Consular Filing)

To file the petition for alien spouse, we submitted:

  • Form I-130
  • Form G-325a (4 copies each partner)
  • Passport photos of each partner
  • US birth certificate of petitioner
  • Passport data page of petitioner
  • Marriage certificate (add divorce/death decree if applicable)
  • Proof of relationship:
    • bank statement
    • lease contract
  • Cover letter
  • Check for filing fee
  • Petitioner’s statement that photocopies are accurate

Submit Proof of Financial Support by Petitioner

(That is, to demonstrate that beneficiary won’t become a burden to the public; this is sent to the NVC just like the IV package below)

For the AOS package, my petitioner spouse sent:

  • Form I-864
  • Proof of income
  • Cover letter

Please note my NVC case number was included in the paperwork.

Submit Immigrant Visa Application

(Yes, not until this point could I apply for a CR-1 spouse visa.)

  • Form DS-3032
  • Form DS-230 I and II
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Police clearance
  • Translations
  • Photos of beneficiary
  • Passport photocopy of beneficiary
  • Photocopies of all documents
  • NVC cover letter with barcode
  • Our own cover letter

Get Visa Medical Examination

For my CR-1 visa medical exam, I brought:

  • Visa appointment letter
  • Photos of myself at size required (1×1″)
  • Medical exam

(Note: I had no immunization records to bring.  Otherwise I’d have brought them.)

Attend Spouse Visa Interview

This took place at the U.S. embassy where I lived.  Here’s what I brought to my immigrant visa interview:

  • Visa interview letter
  • Medical exam result in sealed, UNOPENED envelope
  • Evidence of bona fide marriage:
    • Lease contract
    • Vacation and family photos
    • Passport stamps
    • Boarding passes
    • Hotel bills
    • Email and chat
    • Phone bills
    • Package receipts
    • Merchandise receipts

Get Spouse Visa / Green Card

What I picked up at the embassy after a successful interview:

  • My passport with visa
  • Sealed envelope, to be submitted to CBP officers at a U.S. port of entry.

File for Removal of Conditions

Two years later, we filed a petition to remove conditions on my green card:

  • Form I-751
  • Photocopy of green card
  • Proof of ongoing relationship
    • Lease contracts
    • Utility bills
    • Birth certificate of child
    • Health insurance coverage
    • Proof of joint income tax return
    • Joint bank statements
    • Receipts
    • Cover letter

For my USCIS biometrics appointment:

  • My biometrics appointment letter issued by USCIS

The above spouse visa checklist only shows what the author has used.  It is NOT meant as a guide on what YOU or any other visa or green card applicant should use. Please refer to official instructions appropriate to your case to find out what YOU need to submit.

I also have a CR-1 visa timeline.


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